Inventing Landscapes

“Modern Architecture came into being as something first glimpsed, later recognized, and finally capitalized upon thanks to a bunch of clunky, often awkward, and frequently just-plain-lucky prototypes” . -Brett Steele ‘Prototyping Architecture’s Future Again’

What is the history of innovation and invention that defines landscape related technologies?

The historiography represented at provides a retroactive history of landscape related technologies through the built and un-built legacy of innovation in the patent archive. The ambition of this work is to outline an inductive history of landscape technology that provides depth, breadth, and context to a renewed interest in landscape instrumentality and progress towards future sustainable cities.  Please use the tag-cloud and search tool to investigate the role of technology in terrestrial, riverine and coastal systems. We plan to update this information regularly and expand the research to outline the technological antecedents of urban ecology. For information on vegetated architectural systems visit




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